The importance of
Google Shopping

Your products directly in the search results? With Google Shopping, that’s a real possibility!

For webshop owners, Google Shopping offers a huge opportunity. When a user uses a search query that implies an intention to buy, Google displays a large number of relevant products at the very top of the SERP.

You’ve probably already noticed this. When you search for a product, Google shows you images of relevant products, with their prices and a link to the webshop. You will see these images both in the standard Google search and in the Google Shopping section. It is also possible that these products are presented to you by search partners such as YouTube. It makes sense that this additional visibility generated by Google Shopping can offer many opportunities.

Google Shopping has 2 different formulas. By simply uploading a product feed, you can already benefit from the free features. Do you want more visibility for your products? Then Google Shopping offers the possibility – just like standard ads – to set a maximum bid and pay per click.

Google Shopping – interesting figures

Although Google Shopping was already introduced in Belgium in 2013, it took some time for it to be fully established. Today, webshop owners are eager to use the additional possibilities offered by Google Shopping.

  • Google Shopping is responsible for 65% of all ad clicks.
  • For non-branded ad clicks, this figure is as high as 89%.
  • For unbranded keywords, Google Shopping brings in about 12% more than standard Google ads.
  • Free clicks represent about 10-25% of total clicks.
  • The average price of a click is about 0.66 euros, but varies greatly depending on the industry.
  • The average conversion rate is about 1.91%.

Who are your potential visitors using Google Shopping?

Google recently conducted a user survey to evaluate the impact of Google Shopping Ads. The results are remarkable:

  • 65% of total clicks on commercial ads are made from a smartphone.
  • 70% of smartphone users search for information online before buying
  • 49% of users search for new products online
  • 59% of users say they prefer to buy a product in a mobile webshop
  • 83% of users believe that an effective return policy is important
  • 35% of users who made a recent purchase said they discovered the product through the internet
  • 60% of users are looking for a specific product

Recently, the importance of Google Shopping has increased considerably. This trend is expected to continue in the future.
Are you ready to sell with Google Shopping?

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