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CustomSocial Media marketing strategy

Cleary defined goals are the first step to a succesful Social Media marketing strategy. Our team will create and implement a custom Social Media strategy depending your set targets.

Do you want to:
Social Media networks

  • Increase your brand awareness?
  • Improve your online reputation?
  • Gain more leads?
  • Attract more website visitors?
  • Improve employee engagement?
  • Improve customer engagement?

Additionally, understanding your target audience is very important. Try to describe your target audience in detail (age, gender, hobbies, location, etc). Having a better understanding of your potential customers, allows you to reach them in a personal and therefor more efficient way.

Applic Group is your favorite Social Media expert. We offer in-depth expertise on Social Media advertising and branding. You can count on us for a Social Media marketing strategy that actually works.

Which Social Media channels to use?

Social Media - target per platform
Facebook is still the biggest and most famous social network in Belgium. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get the best results on that platform. Understanding your target audience is key when creating a Social Media strategy that actually works. Which Social Media platform is frequented by your target audience? Look at your competitors. Which channels are they using? Can you distinguish trends in you target audience’s online behavior?

Know what your potential customers are looking for. Are they looking for in-depth information on your products or services? How likely is it they will share or like your posts? What chance do you have of them engaging with your brand?

Do you want to know which Social Media channel suits your target audience’s needs? Find out in this useful PDF.

Content is king !

Content is King!
Write compelling content to increase the chance of your target audience interacting with it. The more compelling your content, the more likely you audience is to share, like or interact with it. Increased visibility is a direct result of increased interaction.

Images, movie clips and articles perform better than plain text. A social media feed is packed with information. Therefor it’s important to stand out. Humor, discounts or questions are perfect examples of ways to increase customer engagement.

When you finish creating your content, the time has come to decide on the timing of your Social Media posts. Don’t share all of your content on the same day. Instead, spread your posts over an entire week. Consider the optimal time of day to share your content. The timing for a B2B Social Media strategy is completely different from a B2C campaign.

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