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What is e-mail marketing?

With e-mail marketing, you reach your customers in a direct and personal way. Basically, every e-mail you send to a potential or current customer can be considered e-mail marketing. However, this term is usually used when you :

  • Send emails to improve the relationship with your current or potential customers.
  • Send emails to increase repeat purchases
  • Send emails to acquire new customers.
  • Send emails with the goal of getting your existing customers to buy something.
  • Advertise in emails sent by other companies


Advantages of email marketing

E-mail marketing offers some interesting perks:

  • Compared to direct email or printed newsletters, the cost is insignificant.
  • Faster effect. Reach your customers as soon as the mailing is sent
  • Get your message across to your customers
  • Clear results. You have an overview of the interaction with your e-mail campaign.


Disadvantages of email marketing

Due to the huge amount of unsolicited commercial e-mails that are being sent out - better known as spam - it is often difficult for the recipients of your e-mails to distinguish between genuine e-mail marketing and spam.

Because of the amount of spam on the Internet, a spam filter is not a luxury. However, some marketers report that genuine commercial emails are regularly blocked by the spam filter.

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How to send out successful newsletters?

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