What is
Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an interesting and free tool from Google that allows you to better understand the behavior of your website visitors. With this tool, you can find out how many visitors come to your website and what the important characteristics of these visitors are (age, gender, location, etc.).

By installing Google Analytics, you can evaluate your marketing efforts and continuously improve your website.

What data can you obtain using Google Analytics?

Google Analytics web statistics provide an incredible amount of data. You can find the answers to the following questions using this tool:

  • How many visitors do you have on your website?
  • Are your visitors male or female and in what age range are they?
  • What geographical area do your visitors come from?
  • Through which channels do visitors arrive on your website?
  • Which pages are frequently visited and which are not?
  • What actions do visitors take on your website?
  • On which page do visitors leave your website?
  • The possibilities offered by Google Analytics are almost unlimited.

The possibilities offered by Google Analytics are enormous. You can perform relevant analyses of your website visitors and thus evaluate the impact of your different marketing actions, compare them and refine them.

Goals and conversions

Conversions are predefined goals you expect from your visitors. You can set them up in Google Analytics to calculate the value of each visitor. For most websites or webshops, it is interesting to know:

  • How many people put something in their shopping cart?
  • How many people made a purchase online
  • How many people contacted you through your website (by phone, email or form)
  • How many people visited the contact page?
  • How many people watched a video
  • In fact, you can measure just about anything you want.

Clear reporting

In Google Analytics, you can use many standard reports that provide you with interesting information about the effectiveness of your website or webshop. With Google Analytics and a little common sense, you can adapt your marketing strategy to your visitors.

By Joël Franssen

SEO / CRO specialist "Bouw uw website voor uw gebruikers en niet voor Google." Connect on:

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