Advertising on YouTube

Video ads

Is your video ad before or after the most popular YouTube videos in your industry? With video advertising, it’s possible!

The great advantage of online video advertising is that you decide in which context your message will be seen. In addition, your video can be delivered to any device. The targeting is less specific than with more traditional ad-vertising channels, but with enough knowledge of your target audience, you can reach them without any problems.

The world’s largest content network

The potential reach of YouTube ads is huge. 70% of Belgian viewers use YouTube. 41% of them even use it on a weekly basis. It is a myth that YouTube is a channel only visited by young people. Did you know that more than 60% of the 55+ year olds in Belgium regularly consult YouTube?

YouTube is the platform with the most content in the world. In total, it con-tains about 15 billion hours of video. Every day, it adds about 720000 hours of content. Because YouTube is still gaining popularity every day, these fig-ures continue to grow.

The possibilities of advertising on YouTube

If you choose to advertise on YouTube, you have many options. We list them here:

  • Display ads: A banner is displayed on the top right of the recommended videos. This type of advertising is only displayed on a desktop computer.
  • Overlay ads: A semi-transparent overlay with a banner ad is displayed at the bottom of the broadcast video. This type of ad is only displayed on a desktop computer.
  • Skip video ads: The most common video ads on YouTube. Before, during or after the playback of a video, an ad is displayed. These ads can only be skipped after 5 seconds.
  • Non-disabling video ads: These ads can also be played before, during or after a video plays. Users cannot skip the ad. The maximum length of these ads is 15-20 seconds.
  • Bumper ads: These ads, like the previous options, can be played before, during or after a video plays. These ads have a maximum duration of 6 seconds and cannot be skipped by the viewer.
  • Sponsored cards: Sponsored cards are displays that appear at the top of the video during playback. These displays typically contain information about the video, such as the products featured in the video.
  • Shopping ads: Shopping ads are displayed in tandem with your video ad and appear below or above the video. These ads cannot be skipped.
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