Why WordPress?

WordPress’ strength

WordPress was born in 2003. While WordPress was originally mainly used to develop blogs, it has now become a full-fledged CMS that can be used to create the most complex websites. The basic functionality of WordPress is easily extendable by numerous plug-ins.

At Applic Group, we are strongly convinced of the power of WordPress. These 4 reasons will surely convince you!

  • Usability: WordPress was chosen quickly, with you as the end customer in mind. WordPress is an extremely intuitive platform where you can add or modify pages, texts, photos and videos – without much technical knowledge.
  • Always up to date: Several times a year, the core system of WordPress is fully updated. These updates aim to improve the security of the platform and minimize the load on your server. This way, you always have a fast and, above all, secure website.
  • Flexibility: Because the additional features are installed on top of the core system, you can use only the features you really need.
  • Community: WordPress is open source software supported by a huge community. Therefore, there is plenty of documentation on the functioning of WordPress and its various plugins. You will have no trouble finding a handy (video) tutorial to get you started.

According to some critics, WordPress does not meet the requirements of major brands.
This is nonsense, of course!
These well-known companies are proving otherwise:

The most popular CMS

A CMS – Content Management System – is a web application that allows you to adapt the entire content of your website without much technical knowledge. With a CMS, you can easily add or modify texts, photos, videos, etc.

While in 2010, about 75% of websites still functioned without a CMS, this figure has now dropped to about 30%. A CMS has therefore become essential if you want to offer relevant content to your visitors at all times.

The 3 most popular CMS are WordPress, Shopify and Wix. WordPress, however, surpasses all of them by far.

Meest gebruikte CMS 2022

WordPress has always been the most popular CMS. In 2010, about 13% of websites worldwide used this CMS. By 2015, that number had increased to 60% of all websites. Today, WordPress is undoubtedly the most widely used CMS. No less than 65% of websites worldwide (that’s 2 out of 3!) use WordPress as their content management system.

The popularity of other platforms remains very limited. The closest competitor, Shopify, accounts for only 5%.

By Nikki Verbeke

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