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Al-Met - lage prijs, hoge waarde

High click prices in a competitive market

In a competitive market, the price per click can increase very quickly. The same is true for windows and doors. The Google Ads price-per-click simulator shows that a single click for the keyword “windows and doors” will cost 6.18 euros.


A campaign aiming for maximum visibility will therefore cost a lot of money. Since our client wanted to advertise online, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money, we looked for keywords that are cheaper, but still imply the intention to buy.


This type of campaign requires careful preparation and constant adjustment. Since we are not afraid of challenges, we eagerly accepted this project.

low hanging fruit

Since we could only generate a very small percentage of impressions with the set budget, we had no choice but to look for cheaper keywords. These types of cheaper keywords with high purchase intent are called “low hanging fruit” in marketing terms. By focusing on these types of keywords, we were able to limit the price per click to 1.23 euros and still get enough conversions.


almet laaghangend fruit google ads


Thanks to this low price per click, we were able to achieve a single conversion for only 20.36 euros.


Constant assessments and adjustments

Because we are constantly identifying keywords that generate conversions, we have been able to further improve results. Because we manage SEO, PPC and the website, we are able to coordinate marketing efforts perfectly. In the first three months of 2022, we achieved a click-through rate of €1.20. By focusing on keywords that actually generate inquiries, we were able to reduce the cost of a single conversion to 14.23 euros.



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