Scrap dealer
from Temse


A company without a website

For a Temse scrap metal dealer, we created a new website with WordPress and the Avada framework in 2018. We also performed search engine optimization.


Prior to our collaboration, online visibility was almost non-existent.


We developed a new website with a modern look and feel and integrated an online calculator so that site visitors could immediately get an idea of the value of their old metals.


We were able to significantly improve online visibility in the first year. While the old website was only visible when someone entered the company name into Google, the new website is visible for 297 keywords in the top 10, 341 in the top 30 and 365 in the top 50 of Google.


The number of visitors follows the same evolution. Throughout the first year, the number of visitors has been increasing steadily to reach an average of 200 visitors per day. In the last months of 2021, the number of visitors increased to about 300 visitors per day.


Remarkable SEO results

Zoekterm Maandelijks zoekvolume Ranking in op 01/03/2016 Ranking in op 28/06/2019 Ranking in op 28/03/2022
schroothandelaar 1460 Niet in top 50 1 1
oud ijzer 1200 Niet in top 50 1 3
koperprijs 1100 Niet in top 50 4 8
oud metalen 1000 Niet in top 50 1 2
dagprijs oud ijzer 480 Niet in top 50 2 3
schroot 450 Niet in top 50 3 3
oud koper prijs 300 Niet in top 50 2 5
schrootprijzen 180 Niet in top 50 4 3
oudijzer 150 Niet in top 50 1 3
prijs oud lood 150 Niet in top 50 2 2
prijs aluminium 150 Niet in top 50 2 8
koper verkopen 130 Niet in top 50 1 1
oud ijzer verkopen 130 Niet in top 50 2 2
prijs lood 120 Niet in top 50 2 3
prijs oud aluminium 120 Niet in top 50 2 2



Re-branding without resetting [UPDATE 2022]

In late 2021, we were asked to participate in a complete rebranding. The company changed its name, which meant creating a new logo and URL. Our main concern was not to lose the SEO history.


We developed a new modern logo and accompanying website. We performed a thorough analysis of the current visibility and provided a detailed reorientation map. During the move, we directed Googlebot as much as possible to the new relevant pages in order to bring the accumulated history to these pages. The result is impressive.


The new website has been online for three months now and its online visibility has even increased. While the old site was visible for 317 relevant keywords, the new site is now visible for 344 relevant keywords in Google’s top 10.


schroothandelaar rebranding resultaat


Some three months after going live, the number of visitors has returned to the level it had with the previous site. Last month, we even brought 350 visitors per day to the new website.

Mission accomplished!

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