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optimaliseer naar de juiste zoektermen

In March 2021, we were contacted by the manager of Anti Fire Applications. Anti Fire Applications is an installer of passive fire protection systems and fire compartments. We were told that a lot of SEO work had already been done by one of our competitors, but that the results had been disappointing.


Since the site was in dire need of renewal, we created a new informative website and performed search engine optimization.

The importance of good keywords

At the beginning of the project, we worked with the client to determine which keywords would offer the most possibilities. Eventually, we came up with about 240 keywords. At that point, the website was visible for 56 of the proposed keywords in the top 10 of Google.


It was clear to us that the website was not optimized for the right keywords. Our client is an installer of fire protection systems, but their website was more focused on the products they use than the services they provide. The inquiries we received at that time were primarily from people looking for fire prevention products, as opposed to fireproofing. The confusion didn’t even stop at the website. In Google MyBusiness, the company was listed as a fire station.


A website for the right target audience

Today, exactly one year later, the visibility of the website has increased enormously. While a year ago we were still in the top 10 of Google with 56 keywords, today there are 89. Not only is the website visible for more keywords, but they are also more relevant to our client’s industry. And this translates, of course, into more relevant inquiries.


The number of visitors follows the same trend. We managed to double the number of organic visitors in the first year. Google MyBusiness has also been adapted to our client’s business. People searching for the company on Google now see that it is a fire protection company.


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The first year has certainly been a success. But we are far from satisfied. We continue to work on improving the visibility of fire protection applications.

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