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New player in a competitive market

In the early 2020s, a new drainage service asked us to provide them with a new website and online marketing strategy. We chose to perform search engine optimization and provide online advertising. As they wanted to focus on the regions of East Flanders, West Flanders and Flemish Brabant, we also provided optimized pages for these regions. As this was a new business with minimal organic visibility, we identified Google Ads as the most appropriate solution for a quick result.


The competition for emergency services is particularly fierce. Pay-per-click prices of more than 10 euros are no exception. Furthermore, almost all Belgian emergency services suffer from fraudulent competition and automated clicks from bots.


Our main goal initially was to keep the price per click at an acceptable level while achieving maximum conversions. Instead of focusing on general keywords such as “drainage service”, we focused on better converting keywords that are used less frequently. As a result, we were able to keep our click-through rates low during the initial period, while remaining under the radar of malicious competition. As an added precaution against automated clicks, we installed ClickCease, a third-party tool that automatically blocks false clicks. In addition, ClickCease allows you to make budgetary claims to Google for clicks lost to bots.


ads metrics 2020-2021


Synergy between website, SEO and PPC

Because we control the website, SEO and ads at the same time, we can create maximum relevance for the ads, attract more visitors to the website and provide those visitors with an optimal user experience. By aligning your website, SEO and PPC, you’ll need fewer visitors to get a valuable lead.


Some noteworthy results

We have managed to increase the visibility of ads to an average of 56%. Today, our ads are being shown about 80% of the time. The price per click has remained within the set limits throughout this period. Over this period, we paid an average of €4.04 per click. During this period, we had 1,770 visitors convert on the website due to the ads. The conversion rate during this period was 12.69% – that is 1 relevant lead for every 8 visitors.


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