Email Marketing
do’s & don’ts

By E-mail Marketing we simply mean sending campaigns via E-mail. It offers a lot of advantages, but only if you do it right. There are many rules and techniques to help you start a successful email marketing campaign.

ADVANTAGES of Email Marketing

E-mails have existed for a very long time, for more than 40 years! E-mail has become so established that a lot of people communicate via E-mail on a daily basis. According to, in 2021, 4.1 billion people worldwide will use e-mail. We send E-mail via PC, smartphone and tablet.

Email marketing is an easy, but above all cheap way to reach (potential) customers or to stay in contact with them. Email is therefore an ideal tool to increase brand awareness and interaction with your brand. Every day we receive a lot of newsletters and automated marketing emails. If you take a look in your mailbox, you’ll find a lot of E-mails with promotions, actions, contests and novelties.

Besides these more informative newsletters, you will also find a lot of automated marketing emails. When you visit a webshop or website, certain actions will trigger automated e-mails. By creating an account, putting products in your shopping cart without checking out or buying certain products, some webshops will send you automated email.

The possibility to personalize your message is perhaps the most important advantage of E-mail marketing. By addressing your (potential) customers with a personal message, you will spark their interest faster and the reader of the email will be more inclined to act.

  • Send birthday wishes with a special discount
  • Send a promotion with ink or paper after purchasing a printer
  • Send a satisfaction survey a few days after purchase

PRIVACY and email marketing

In recent years, a lot of rules have been put in place to guarantee the privacy of your target group. This is no different for Email marketing. In 2018, GDPR (or General Data Protection Regulation) entered into force, a European legislation to ensure the privacy of private individuals. GDPR stipulates the use of personal data, such as Email addresses and other personal data.

  • Recipients of E-mail must give their explicit consent
  • Recipients of E-mail must be able to unsubscribe at any time

Existing customers are considered to be consenting individuals. When you want to establish a relationship with new prospects, you should not address them personally. So start your email with something like “Dear General Manager” rather than “Dear Dimitri”.

Helpful tips for a successful e-mail campaign

  • Use an email platform:
    If you start sending newsletters randomly with your personal email address, you will soon be considered as junk mail. Therefore, always use a professional platform for sending newsletters. MailChimp is one of the best-known platforms and offers many advantages and useful analysis tools that allow you to estimate the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Give your campaigns a clear name:
    This way you can easily compare the success of different campaigns later on. Provide a link to Google Analytics, for example, for additional information.
  • Personalize your emails :
    Address the recipient of your e-mail with a personal message. Think about your target audience and make sure you have an attractive title and content for your message. This will increase the chances that the recipient will act.
  • Activate your readers:
    Make sure the intent of your email is clear to the recipient. Provide attractive buttons with a clear action. “Get 10% off our new collection” will appeal to your readers more than a standard “Click here” message.
  • Don’t overdo it:
    Both the frequency and the number of actions in your newsletter can have a negative impact. Use the analysis tools available to determine the format and frequency that appeal most to your target audience.
  • Make sure your reader can find you:
    By adding extensive contact information, you give your reader the possibility to reach you in different ways. In addition to a phone number and a website URL, links to your various social media channels can be very effective.
  • Respect the privacy of your reader:
    As stipulated by the European GDPR legislation, you must offer your reader the possibility to unsubscribe from your mailing. Always include an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. If you use a mailing program like MailChimp, this button will be added automatically.
  • Mobile devices:
    Today, almost half of your readers will view your email on a mobile device. Make sure your newsletter looks good on any device.
  • Quality control:
    To make sure everything is readable, always send the email to yourself or a colleague. Also check that all the links in your email are working properly.


Email marketing - statistieken

The image above illustrates the effectiveness of our campaigns, compared to the industry standard. It is clear that your email campaigns will be more effective if you use a specialist. The average open rate is 31.5%. The average across all our campaigns is 49.9% with a peak of 61.9%.

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