The importance of Google
Ads with a new website


As we often say, SEO is a long-term process. It can take some time before a website’s SEO is up to par and the effect is felt.


Therefore, for clients who have a new website and/or a new business, we often recommend to also go through Google Ads. After all, in this situation, it is usually important to have relevant website visitors that translate into leads or purchases as quickly as possible.

While an SEO strategy may take some time to get more visitors, a Google Ads campaign will immediately bring additional relevant visitors to your website.


Quick and relevant visitors to your website

A Google Ads campaign therefore attracts relevant visitors to your website in the short term. These visitors immediately provide valuable leads and satisfied customers that you can use to increase your brand awareness and your customer network. In this way, an effective Google Ads campaign can bridge the period in which your SEO strategy still needs to be refined.


Even if your website already has organic visibility for certain keywords, it is worthwhile to set up a Google Ads campaign for the keywords for which your website is not yet visible.


More visitors in the short and long term


Graph 1 – Evolution of Google Ads


Graph 2 – Evolution of SEO


The two charts above illustrate well the evolution of an SEO strategy and the evolution of a Google Ads campaign.


Graph 1 shows how you can quickly get enough visitors to your website with Google Ads, for a limited budget. This client opted for a complete online marketing strategy with a new website, an SEO campaign and a Google Ads campaign. The ads immediately attracted a large number of relevant visitors to the new website.


The SEO also had a significant effect, increasing the website’s organic visibility and attracting even more visitors.


Graph 2 shows the evolution of the SEO process over the months. We can see that the number of visits during this period increased more slowly than with Google Ads, but continued to grow steadily without additional costs.


A Google Ads campaign is therefore ideal to attract more visitors to your website in the short term or to generate visibility for more competitive keywords in the long term.

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