Nico Taeymans

Nico Taeymans

Nico Taeymans is a big name among jewelry designers. The unique jewelry is designed and made to order in consultation with the client. Nico designs and creates beautiful jewelry in silver and gold, but working with organic materials such as stone, glass or wood remains his passion.


His designs include rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, wedding jewelry and mourning jewelry. A great collection of engagement rings and wedding rings with original diamonds and gemstones can also be ordered. Do you really want to discover our jewelry? Visit one of our stores in Antwerp or Bruges. Everything is made in our own workshop.

How we helped Nico Taeymans

  • Customized webshop
  • Modern and open design
  • Focused on usability
  • Intuitive call to action
  • Search engine optimization


Some notable results

The number of visitors has continued to increase since the site went online. In two years, the number of visitors has doubled. The number of online requests has followed the same trend.


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