Ceralith - Natuursteen - Herent (Leuven)

Significantly improved visibility

In April 2015, we started our collaboration with Ceralith. Ceralith is a physical store with webshop which is located in Herent and is specialized in the sale of natural stone tiles, windowsills and curbstones. As the owner of Ceralith has basic knowledge in SEO, the website already had some visibility before our search engine optimization.


Before our SEO partnership, Ceralith’s website was visible for 47 keywords in the top 10, 76 keywords in the top 30 and 85 keywords in the top 50 of Google. A year later, those numbers were 97, 121 and 131 respectively. Today, the visibility of the website has further increased and Ceralith appears in google.be for 148 keywords in the top 10, 207 in the top 30 and 233 in the top 50.


In 2022, a new webshop was developed. We helped Ceralith to transfer the history of the existing web shop to the new one.

Remarkable results in terms of SEO

Project focused on Flanders, keywords exclusively Dutch speaking.

Keywords Monthly search quantity Position in Google.be le 18/04/2015 Position in Google.be le 18/03/2022
muurafdekker 160 niet in top 50 1
raamdorpels 330 niet in top 50 1
vensterbank buiten 140 niet in top 50 1
tegels Herent 10 niet in top 50 2
dorpels 1420 niet in top 50 2
deurdorpels 100 niet in top 50 2
natuursteen trap 140 niet in top 50 2
muurafdekkers 130 niet in top 50 4
raamdorpel 380 niet in top 50 5
vensterbank kopen 40 niet in top 50 5
vensterbanken 1440 niet in top 50 6
dorpel natuursteen 110 niet in top 50 7
deurdorpel 170 niet in top 50 9

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