Solutions For an improved online visibility

Increase your online visibility

There are several ways of improving your online visibility. However, randomly changing things won’t have the desired effect. Theme up with Applic Group. Our experienced team defines a custom online marketing strategy that actually works.

SEO solutions

SEO consulting

Our team performs an in-depth audit and provides actionable insights and tips to improve your website on a technical as well as a semantical level.

  • Basic keyword research
  • Technical analysis
  • Content analysis
  • In-depth reporting with actionable insights
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SEO copywriting

By adding the right keywords to your content, search engines will better understand what your website is actually about.

  • Keyword analysis
  • Content analysis
  • SEO copywriting
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SEO all in

Closely collaborate with our SEO experts to improve your online visibility for keywords relevant to your sector.

  • SEO marketing strategy audit
  • Website and target audience audit
  • In-depth keyword research
  • Keyword ranking check
  • Technical analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Competition check
  • Structural optimization
  • SEO copywriting
  • UX optimization
  • Link building (internal + external)
  • Conversion optimization
  • In-depth reporting
  • Guaranteed results
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SEO consultancy

Collaborate with one of our SEO specialists to increase your online visisbility.

  • Keyword research
  • Target audience analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Managing in-house copywriters
  • Improving local SEO
  • Analysis online visitors
  • Support for technical issues
  • Support for conversion optimization
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PPC solutions

PPC consulting

Our PPC experts thoroughly analyze your advertising campaigns and provide actionable insights on how to improve your ads on a technical and content level.

  • Google Ads account audit
  • Basic keyword research
  • Keywords and targeting consulting for search and display campaigns
  • One-off report with points of improvement for your ads
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One-off clean up

We'll do an in-depth analysis of your ad's performance and provide one-off improvements.

  • Google Ads account audit
  • One-off clean up, on every level of your account
  • Removing irrelevant keywords
  • One-off improvements to your ads and extensions
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PPC all in

Closely collaborate with our PPC experts to improve your online visibility for keywords relevant to your sector.

  • PPC strategy audit
  • If needed, complete set-up of a new advertising account with campaigns, advertisements, keywords, etc.
  • Google Ads account audit
  • Thorough optimization of all your campaigns, on all levels
  • Keyword research
  • A/B testing of different ad copies and extensions
  • Optimization of target audiences, target areas, devices, demographics, etc.
  • Ad planning optimization
  • Impression share analysis compared to your closest competitors
  • Google Analytics integration for a complete analysis of your Google Ads account
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Web design solutions

Basic website or webshop

Pick a look and feel of your website by choosing one of many templates from our extensive template library. The ultimate budget solution for your new website or webshop.

  • Wordpress CMS
  • Wide range of available templates
  • Scaleable to mobile devices
  • Basic functionalities
  • Connect your Social Media
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Website or webshop "à la carte"

We create a custom design completely in line with your corporate identity. The ultimate solution for a fully customized website or webshop.

  • Wordpress CMS
  • Custom design in line with your corporate identity
  • Scaleable to mobile devices
  • Multi-lingual
  • Custom functionalities
  • Connect your Social Media
  • UX optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Training
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Wordpress course

Get started with WordPress during a personalized introductory course.

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Social Media solutions

Single Channel Campaign

We provide attractive Social Media posts on the Social Media platform of your choice.

  • Posts on a single Social Media platform
  • 4 posts a month
  • Extendable with paid promotion of posts
  • Extendable with engagement management
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Multi-Channel Promotion

We provide attractive Social Media posts on multiple Social Media platforms of your choice.

  • Posts on multiple Social Media Platforms
  • 4 posts a month
  • Extendable with paid promotion of posts
  • Extendable with engagement management
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Email marketing solutions


We provide an attractive newsletter or email which will drive customer engagement.

  • Copywriting
  • Email campaign
  • Campaign reporting
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Copywriting & remarketing

Our email marketing experts create a newsletter with a targeted message and follow up with a remarketing email in a later phase.

  • Target audience analysis
  • Copywriting
  • Sending the mail
  • Campaign reporting
  • Remarketing
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Complete online marketing strategy

Complete online marketing strategy

Applic Group has years of experience and in-depth knowledge in online marketing. Our team will improve your online presence through analysis, optimization and implementation of a custom online marketing strategy.

  • Analysis of current situation
  • Evaluation of online communication (website, social media, newsletter, online ads,... )
  • Evaluation of offline marketing communication
  • Thorough competitor analysis
  • Defining target audience (demographic and geographic)
  • Defining goals and KPI's
  • Defining USP's (unique selling propositions)
  • Defining marketing channels
  • Defining content strategy
  • Defining budget and planning
  • Set-up and optimization of different marketing channels (website, social media, newsletter, online ads, etc.)
  • Coaching & consulting
  • Performance monitoring for multiple marketing channels
  • Reporting, evaluation and re-optimization
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Custom internet marketing services

Together with our SEO and PPC experts, we implement the online marketing strategy best fitted to your specific needs and budget. Contact us for your custom online marketing plan.

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