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If you want to advertise successfully on Google or other search engines, it is best to hire a PPC specialist. Count on Applic Group from Antwerp!

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a search engine, website owner, or a network of websites) when the ad is clicked. Pay-per-click is commonly associated with first-tier search engines (such as Google Ads). The amount advertisers pay depends on the publisher and is usually driven by two major factors: quality of the ad, and the maximum bid the advertiser is willing to pay per click. The higher the quality of the ad, the lower the cost per click is charged and vice versa. Source: Wikipedia

Advertise succesfully in Google
Contrary to SEO, PPC advertising is a swift solution for online visibility. PPC advertising is used to attract relevant visitors to your website with a targeted message at the most prominent place of the search results.

Count on a PPC expert with in-depth knowledge. Count on Applic Group!

Why choose PPC?

PPC advertising is a favorable marketing strategy for every situation. Starters can use it to reach relevant traffic quickly, while established brands can use it to complement their SEO marketing strategy. Use it for the keywords your website doesn’t yet rank for and reach relevant visitors for those keywords. Not entirely sure? Here are 7 reasons to convince you of the advantages of PPC advertising.

Advertisements take up the most prominent position

Nowadays, advertisements take up more space than ever before. Organic results will often appear under the fold. When you want that top position in Google search, you’ll need to advertise.

PPC advertising is flexible

PPC advertising offers many tools to help target the right audience. Off course, attracting relevant visitors is of the utmost importance. Targeting the right audience with a personal message increases the chances of conversion by a huge amount. Examples of targeting are: location, language, demographics, …


PPC advertising is perfectly suited to compare costs to revenue and calculate the ROI of your online advertising campaigns. As long as that ROI remains positive, PPC campaigns can be scaled. An example: you are running an ad campaign for the keyword “drilling machine”, paying Google 50 cents per click. Campaigns managed by our PPC experts will reach a converion rate of 3 to 4% (or 3 to 4 sales for every 100 visitors. So, each sale generated by Google Ads will cost you between 12.50 and 16.70 euro ((100 * 0.5) / 4 = 12.5) ((100 * 0.5) / 3 = 16.7).

From planning to execution in a matter of days

A PPC advertising campaign can be set up very quickly. Setting up a PPC campaign will get you immediate results. Google Ads also allows adjustments to be made ont the spot. This comes in very handy when selling seasonal promotions or one-off sales actions. You don’t need Google to index your entire website before changes are shown in the search results. Because your ads are submitted directly to Google, they are evaluated and published immediately.

Instant results

Because your advertisements are visible almost immediately, you will have an instant return on your investment.

Targeted message

Because advertisements can be adjusted quickly, they can be used to reach potential visitors with a personal message. Did you know your target audience doesn’t buy online products out of the blue? We can distinguish 3 clear stages. The first stage is awareness: the customer searches for ideas or inspiration and uses search terms like “advertising on Google”. The second stage is consideration: the customer searches for more detailed information and uses broader keywords like “what is ppc”. Finally, the customer reaches stage 3: decision. In this stage he will use more precise keywords like “PPC expert Antwerp”.

Measurable results

You don’t have to take our word for it. We’ll provide you with detailed reporting on your PPC campaigns performance.

PPC channels

If it comes down to online search, Google claims a market share of over 90% in Belgium. Therefor Google Ads – in contrast to Yahoo or Bing Ads – offer the most opportunities by far. If we look at mobile usage only, the market share grows even larger 98%. Google Ads offers advertising opportunities on different channels: Search, Mobile Search, Display, Shopping and Video.

Search Advertising

Top position in Google

A while ago Google changed the SERP’s layout (Search Engine Results Page) to provide a more prominent position to Google Ads. Nowadays, most searches show ads on the top 4 positions. Additionally, other SERP features were added pushing organic results even further below the fold.

Advertising has become a necessity if you want your website to appear at the top of Google’s search results.

Mobile search advertising

Reach your customers, wherever they are

Since June 2017, website visits on mobile devices have surpassed those on desktop. Therefore, an optimized advertising plan for mobile users is more important than ever before. Google Ads offers the possibility to use “call-only ads” and call extensions. Users can call your company straight from the search results. A very useful feature for emergency services like plumbers, locksmiths, etc.

Display advertising

Online billboards

Commercials are everywhere. Banners on busses or trams, billboards in the streets. Plenty of options, but often very expensive. Furthermore, calculating actual revenue from such offline marketing campaigns is a difficult task. Did you know online billboarding is a thing too? They even reach your target audience on relevant websites at a fraction of the price.

Display advertising is the perfect medium for branding campaigns or promoting an event or open house.

Shopping advertising

Your online storefront

Your products appearing in Google’s search results? Google Shopping provides the solution! Especially E-commerce websites can really benefit from Google Shopping. Whenever a user searches for your product or a relevant search term in Google, the search results will have your product all the way at the top of the page.

Video advertising

Your video advertisement on the largest content platform worldwide

Video advertising allows you to show your commercial during Youtube’s most popular videos relevant to your business. You’ll be able to choose the context in which your message will be shown. Your commercial can be shown on any device. Other targeting options are a bit more robust, but reaching the right people won’t be hard when you have a decent knowledge of your target audience.

Does Google even know your website exists? Which keywords does your website rank for? Does your website comply with the technical requirements to rank in Google?

Our free and in-depth SEO check offers actionable insights and tips. Leave your web address and receive a completely free SEO analysis.

    Google Ads – How does it work?

    Google Ads - Online veiling
    Google Ads follows the same principle as an auction. Each time someone does a search on Google, a small auction takes place behind the scenes.
    The final position of each advertisement depends on many different factors.

    The basic formula is pretty simple:

    Ad Rank = Max. bid x Quality Score + Number of extensions

    However, a multitude of different factors have to be taken into account.

    • Bidding strategy (Manual bidding, Maximizing clicks, Maximizing conversions, “Smart” bidding strategies like Target-CPA, Target-ROAS or Enhanced CPC)
    • Targeting (ad planning, location)
    • Ad relevance
    • Landing page relevance
    • Expected CTR
    • Past performance

    By adding ad extensions your advertisements will take up more space in the search results.
    Additionally, using ad extensions has a positive effect on the final ad rank and therefor the position of your advertisement.

    The possibilities are:

    • Location extensions: Shows the physical address of your store or company.
    • Highlight extensions: Shows chosen keywords below your ad description. A perfect way to display your USP’s.
    • Call extensions: Adds your phone number to the ad. Visitors will be more inclined to call you.
    • Site link extensions: Extra links below your advertisement linking to other relevant pages of your website.
    • Price extensions: Adds prices of different products or services to drive visitors to the right product or service on your website.


    What is remarketing?

    Remarketing is a way to connect with people who previously interacted with your website or mobile app. It allows you to strategically position your ads in front of these audiences as they browse Google or its partner websites, thus helping you increase your brand awareness or remind those audiences to make a purchase. Source: Google

    Remarketing is all about re-engaging previous website visitors.

    Google Ads - Remarketing

    Which visitors can be targeted by remarketing?

    You could use remarketing to just send a standard message to every person that has visited your website in the past. However, most people will be pretty annoyed. The worst example are those notorious travel websites who keep spamming you with deals. Their intentions might be pure, but mostly it’s very annoying. Especially when you already booked your trip.

    Most of the time, these kind of ‘lazy’ campaigns have a negative impact. Justified by ‘it’s cheaper to keep an existing client than to acquire a new one’ , this kind of remarketing method is still being used.

    Still, when used in a sensible way, remarketing can be a real asset to your online marketing plan. Here are  5 tips:


    Customers who recognize your brand name will be more inclined to purchase your product or service. Make sure to be consistent with your corporate identity in both your banners and advertisements and highlight your message.

    Different ads with a personal message

    Make sure you understand your target audience and where your potential customers are in the buying process. Only then will you be able to reach your audience with a personal, relevant message.

    Max amount of impressions per day

    Try not to be spammy and keep the ad frequency of your marketing campaigns to a limit. Nobody wants to see the same ad five times a day.

    Reach the right people

    Instead of targeting the masses with a generic message, send targeted messages to the right people. Visitors who browsed your catalogue but didn’t buy anything are easy to target. They can be persuaded to make a purchase. Customers who bought something during a previous holiday might be more inclined to do the same with the next one. Customers who purchased a printer will probably be interested in purchasing printer ink after some time.

    Email Remarketing

    You’ll more than likely have a list of email addresses with you customers or newsletter subscribers. By adding these lists to your Google Ads account, you can target them with specific advertisements. Through standard search advertising, dispay advertising or video advertising.

    In general, a remarketing campaign is more succesful than a standard search campaign, since it will be easier to persuade visitors who already know your brand to make a purchase.

    A succesful remarketing campaign follows the popular saying “The numbers tell the tale”. Make sure to always have enough data.

    Useful PPC sources and tools

    Improve your online visibility

    Do you want to be succesful when advertising on Google? Put your trust in a PPC expert. Put your trust in Applic Group.

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