5 tips for a successful social media post

Today, 65% of Belgians are active on Social Media. We all spend an average of 1h30 daily on our favorite Social Media network. So it should come as no surprise that your presence on Social Media can provide a lot of extra opportunities.

Because each platform is different, it is important to understand how to best utilize these platforms. A Social Media Social Media strategy that really works, speaks the language of your target audience and reaches your potential customers on their favorite platform.

The 5 most popular Social Media platforms in 2018 are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

The number of Belgians finding their way to Social Media only continues to increase in recent years. Facebook has 7.3 million Belgian users today. Instagram is also strongly represented with 3.2 million users. More than 3 million Belgians, or 60% of the total working population, use LinkedIn, the platform where employers and employees find each other.

To stay relevant it is important to share interesting content with your target audience atregular intervals. Only by sharing interesting content do you encourage interaction. Content with a high interaction is seen by more people and for longer periods of time.

What is interesting content and how do you best make use of the various platforms? We made the following analysis to give you insights into writing successful social media posts.

Tip 1 Post on the right day of the week


Timing is everything! Several studies show that the moment you share your post has a huge impact on the eventual reach of your post.

LinkedIn allows you to reach your target audience best at the beginning of the week, while for Facebook users your posts stand out more at the end of the week. Pinterest’s users are mainly looking for inspiration on the weekend, while on Wednesday you have an ideal reach via Twitter.

Tip 2 Post at the right time of day


In addition to the day of the week, the hour you launch your posts is also important for the reach you will generate with your Social Media posts.

LinkedIn users are best reached before and after work hours or during their lunch break. Facebook or Instagram users are more likely to be reached in the early afternoon or evening, while Twitter users are most receptive to your message between 10:00 and 13:00.

Tip 3 Maximum number of posts per day


By staying active on Social Media, you ensure that your company and your message are always fresh in your mind. Yet it is important not to overdo it. Provide relevant and especially interesting content, at regular intervals, but make sure your target audience does not experience the frequency of your posts as boring.

The number of posts you should launch per day differs enormously from one platform to another. Your LinkedIn target audience has enough with a single qualitative post a day, while your Twitter target audience devours your message up to 13 times a day.

Tip 4 The ideal number of characters per post


The ideal length of your post depends on the platform on which you want to launch your message. The number of characters in your post influences the amount of interaction your target audience will have with your post.

On platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, the space for your description is larger than, for example, on Facebook or LinkedIn. For that reason, we see a clear difference in the number of characters for the best performing posts at Facebook (111) and LinkedIn (149) on the one hand, and Instagram (241) and Pinterest (215) on the other.

Tip 5 Applic Group top tip for more reach

Because creating good content takes time, you want your message to be seen by as many relevant people as possible. With the help of our handy tips you will become a real Social Media guru.


You have the possibility to tag groups, persons or pagesin facebook posts. By adding @tag to your post, you ensure that everyone who follows this group, person or page will also see your post.


The space your LinkedIn post takes up in the news overview is quite limited. Therefore, always provide a short, catchy title and an image that appeals to the imagination. Avoid company logos, stock photos and by extension anything that makes the reader’s hair stand on end.


By adding relevant #hashtags to your post, you will also reach those who follow these hashtags. The most used hashtags of 2020 are #love, #instagood, #photooftheday, #fashion, #beautiful, #happy, #cute, #tbt, #like4like and #followme. Experiment with hashtags to optimize your reach.


Avoid exclusively commercial content. Twitter is basically a giant chat room. Therefore, many people will not appreciate your posts if you are constantly trying to market your products or services. A good ratio is 5/3/2. For every 2 promotional tweets you do, post 3 non-promotional posts and 5 posts from someone else.


The Pinterest search feature gives you the most used topics, relevant to your search. Use these search terms as #hashtags in your description to increase the reach of your Pinterest posts.

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